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Which Colour Flowers Should I Choose? A Guide to Your Options

Different coloured flowers can reflect different meanings and emotions so it is important to carefully consider them when choosing a flower arrangement. Here we will provide a guide to the meanings behind different colours, to help you choose the perfect flowers to express your feelings.

Red flowers

Roses for desireRed flowers can symbolise desire, passion and love, making them the perfect flowers to give to someone you are romantically involved with. Give someone a bunch of red roses and your message will be loud and clear. There are of course alternatives to red roses; you can also buy red carnations, red tulips and red gerbera daisies, all of which will help you to share your message of love and passion.

Pink flowers

Pink flowers are often associated with innocence, playfulness and romance. Their colourings are not as intense as red flowers, therefore making them perfect for expressing feelings in new and budding romances. Pink flowers are traditionally associated as being quite feminine and look lovely arranged with other pastel coloured flowers. Some of the most popular pink flowers include roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers represent trust, compassion and respect and are therefore the perfect flowers to give to a close friend or family member. They can also be used as a way to communicate sympathy. Popular yellow flowers include daffodils, chrysanthemums and lilacs.

Blue flowers

Blue flowers have a calming and peaceful effect, making them the perfect coloured flowers to express sympathy or ‘get well’ wishes. Blue flowers can vary in shades, with the deepest of all being the blues found in the petals of hydrangeas and iris.

White flowers

White flowers are associated with purity and innocence and are therefore often used in both bridal and funeral flower arrangements. All white flower arrangements look beautifully elegant and will help to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. White roses are particularly popular as bridal flowers, but there are also white carnations, orchids, lilies and daisies to consider.

Orange flowers

Orange flowers are the perfect flowers for expressing feelings of happiness and joy. Look at an arrangement of bright orange flowers and you will immediately feel uplifted. Orange flowers are perfect for sending messages of congratulations, perhaps for a new job or even a new baby!

Applying colour theory

All colours mean somethingAlthough many people like to choose their flowers by the meanings associated with their colours, this is not something you have to do. Another great way to choose beautiful bouquets of flowers is by applying the colour theory. Search for a colour wheel online and use it to choose colours that compliment each other. You will find that the colours directly next to each other on the wheel will create the most harmonious pairings, however if you want your flowers to pop against each other, you can choose colours opposite each other on the wheel.

Choosing your favourite colours

When it comes to choosing different coloured flowers, there really is no right or wrong way to do it. Rather than thinking too much about it, you could simply pick flowers in your favourite colours or the favourite colours of the recipient. Often you will find that when you are looking at flowers, there will be some that just pop out to you - go with your instincts and pick them up! If you need any help you can always consult the florist who will be able to help you choose the perfect coloured flowers for your bouquet or arrangement.

Image credits: KhE and mynameisharsha