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Say it With Flowers this Christmas

Think of flowers and the chances are you’ll conjure up summery images of scented blooms, and summer meadows filled with the sweet smell of petals.

However, flowers can look truly magnificent in the winter months, brightening up a cold winter’s day and adding a real opulence in the festive period.

So when Christmas rolls around, don’t stick with just mistletoe, say it with flowers too. Here’s how…

Get crafty

Christmas Table DecorationIf you enjoy arts and crafts, using flowers in your festive displays can be a fabulous way of injecting your home with some colour and injecting a sweet, heady fragrance.

Christmas wreaths are a traditional type of decoration for both outside and inside the house, but rather than plumping for the customary evergreen and mistletoe, why not opt for a splash of colour?

You can either create your own wreath from scratch or simply entwine some blooms around an existing wreath to give it a personal touch. Wreaths kept outdoors can last as long as 4-5 weeks in the right conditions whilst those displayed indoors typically wither after 1-2 weeks. Mist your wreath with water to extend its lifespan.

The centrepiece for the table is another way you can ensure your Christmas decorations are truly unique. Glossy red, white and gold flowers have a really festive feel and can bring warmth and rich colour to your decor.

A welcome gift

If you’re visiting another household over the Christmas period, you may be thinking of taking some chocolates or wine as a gift.

But with so many homes crammed full with goodies to eat and drink, your offering will just add to an already-overstuffed pile.

Why not therefore consider taking some flowers as an alternative to yet more food? Filling their house with the beautiful perfume of blooms is a sure fire way to get an invite back very soon!


Pojnsettia's are beautiful at ChristmasAlthough flowers are often more associated with the warmer weather, there are some which have a long and traditional link with Christmas.

For a snowy bloom, dainty and delicate, paper white narcissi are often chosen as a festive flower. Either planted clustered together, or plucked for a perfect Christmas bouquet, they provide a white Christmas even if Mother Nature doesn’t oblige outside.

Poinsettia provides the perfect complement to white flowers such as the paper white narcissi or the Christmas rose, offering deep ruby red tones. This plant comes in a variety of colours but during the festive season, it’s difficult to consider any other than the velvety crimson tones which are so familiar.

For a more contemporary and cheerful floral arrangement, the mini daffodil known as Narcissus ‘Cedric Morrison’ is almost always out by Christmas Eve. With its bright yellow trumpet, this flower heralds the arrival of the festive season in spectacular fashion.

An alternative

If you like to be alternative, but still want to have plants in your home during the festive season, a Christmas cactus offers a funky but fun floral arrangement.

The spiky plant is often associated with being a plain green but in fact, cacti offer beautiful blooms and an explosion of colour when they flower. The Christmas Cactus - true to its name - springs into life as 25th December approaches, lighting up the room with their exotic and vivid petals.

The buds start to form around a month before it bursts into life, with the tips of the leaves swelling and growing, darkening in colour. The Christmas Cactus normally blooms from the end of November to the end of January, providing lots of colour for several weeks.       


Christmas is all about giving and what nicer gift to give than one of flowers. Whether you opt for soft pastel flowers or big, bright blooms, giving a floral gift is the perfect way to celebrate the festive season.


Image Credits: Beverly Darlington and Miriam Flores