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Perfect Flower Combination Options for a Red and White Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet can convey many things, sympathy, congratulations, apologies or love, and very often the colour of the flowers can help to get the message across.

Red is traditionally the colour most associated with love and a bouquet made from red flowers is typically created for romantic purposes.

Interspersing the red flowers with white can produce stunning results and be ideal either for a wedding bouquet or for Valentine’s Day. However, red and white can also look very cheery and colourful, and if you choose appropriate blooms and get the balance right, it can be used for other reasons too.

Here’s a closer look at some of the best flower combinations for a red and white bouquet.


Red and white wedding bouquetIt may be an obvious choice but it’s one that’s almost impossible to ignore.

The rich velvety tones of red roses are simply divine and look absolutely stunning on their own. White roses also have an innate beauty, but when used in isolation can look somewhat funeral.

Combining the two creates a rich and sumptuous bouquet which is aesthetically very pleasing; some would argue that this looks even better than red roses alone!

Be aware that roses are a very romantic choice so if you want to avoid mixed messages you might only want to pick this option if you are sending the bouquet to a loved one!

Sprinkled highlights

Although red and white bouquets may have flowers of the different colours in equal presence, there is another way to create an interesting effect.

Using white flowers as an accent to a red bouquet will produce a very cute looking end result, which is very different than using blooms of equal sizes and colours.

Red roses work particularly well with this idea, and the accent of the white makes this kind of bouquet perfect for weddings.

Start with a bouquet of deep red roses but rather than mixing in white roses as suggested above, sprinkle a handful of much smaller white flowers into the arrangement. White Stephanotis works particularly well.

These small white flowers don’t detract from the beauty of the rose, but add an undeniably attractive accent, creating a very different effect than roses alone. If you add a few pearls scattered throughout too, the end bouquet will be simply mesmerising.

A different bloom

While it’s hard to see past roses initially, there are many other flowers available in red and white combinations which look just as beautiful when presented in a bouquet.

A red and white bouquet with a hint of blueGerberas are available in both red and white, and when presented together create a very friendly-looking bouquet which is guaranteed to cheer up any room.

There are lots of different types of Gerbera being grown, with more than 200 species currently available so you could create some very different designs with the flower.

Gerberas traditionally signify modesty, innocence and purity in floral interpretations.

Wild flowers

If you like a more natural look, a combination of red poppies and white daisies can be extremely eye-catching.

Creating the appearance of wild flowers, rather than a more structured bouquet, poppies and daisies are two types of bloom which are typically loved by most people. You could opt to sprinkle some ferns or greenery into the bouquet to enhance the natural effect, or you could simply stick with the contrast of the red and white petals.

Poppies are set to represent fertility, magic, beauty and eternal life while daisies symbolise purity, simplicity, loyal love, patience, innocence and beauty, so they are a great combination.

Both flowers have been used as decoration for thousands of years with ancient Egyptian ceramics being found decorated with daisies, so you’ll be making a popular choice!


Red and white flowers are a striking combination and will create a bouquet which will make people sit up and pay attention. Different flowers help to convey different messages so choose your blooms carefully to create the bouquet that’s in your heart.


Image Credits: Claire Burns and Shelley Valerieham