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Ordering Flowers Online from Blooms Florists

Whether it's a TV or a new pair of shoes, buying online has become commonplace for a whole range of products...and let's be honest, it's often more convenient than traipsing to the town centre and battling the crowds!

But what about delicate purchases such as flowers; is there a risk of buying online without seeing the goods?

We take a closer look at ordering flowers online and ask whether it's a good idea.


Ordering anything online requires an element of trust. At Blooms Florists we've been in business since 1999 located in Kennoway in Fife. The quality of our products and the service we offer our customers are the most important aspects of our business. Even though you may not know us give us a try and find out why we are the trusted local florist for our area.


When you order flowers online, take a look at our gallery for your chosen area and it will give you some idea of the blooms you are likely to get delivered.

Photos can provide you with lots of detail and you can even zoom in to get a really close look of their past products.

The gallery is an excellent chance to examine the quality of the flowers a Blooms Florists produces and decide whether you think we will be able to deliver what you want.

Fresh as a daisy

If you have satisfied yourself that the photographs look good and all the reviews are positive, you may still be wondering about the quality of the flowers if you buy online.

By purchasing online you will be effectively cutting out the middle man – the high street florist – which means that your flowers will be even fresher than if you bought them in a shop.

Because you are buying the flowers directly, they will be able to be cut much later, thus preserving their freshness and ensuring that they will last much longer after they are delivered. The chances of dehydration and damage will also be far lower because the flower will be fresher.

Custom orders

If you are concerned that you won't get the flowers you really want, you can always request a bespoke order from the online florist.

An online florist will be more than happy to supply any specific requests and can work with you to create something entirely unique which matches what you have in mind.

Ordering flowers online works out far cheaper than in your average high street florist, you will be able to afford a far more exclusive bouquet than if you were buying in a shop. For this reason, the chances are that you will be very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the flowers that you order.

Get connected

Although you might be making an online purchase, there's no reason to pick a florist who doesn't provide their contact details.

Knowing you can pick up the phone if you aren't happy is a great safety net to have; and after all, a florist with something to hide wouldn't freely publish their contact details!

Another helpful extra to look for is a florist with a social media presence, such as Facebook. This cannot just provide you with more pictures and customer feedback, but it's a great way to get a better feel for the seller and see how friendly and helpful they are in their interactions.

Online reviews

Businesses that sell online often succeed or fail based on the quality of their reviews and this is an excellent place to start. See here for reviews on Blooms Florists

Previous customers will comment on not just the quality of the flowers they received, but also the service. This can provide a very good indication of whether the seller is likely to be trustworthy.

All businesses may get a negative review from time to time, or get a complaint from a customer very occasionally. The way to discern a really top class provider is the way in which they deal with unhappy customers; the very best will go out of their way to apologise and make sure they put things right.


Buying flowers online doesn't just mean you could end up with a more competitive price, you could also find the quality of your blooms is better than ones bought in a shop. With direct buying, and cutting out the middle man, your flowers are more likely to be fresh and dewy, and smell as fragrant as the day they were picked! Blooms Florists offer deliveries free in our own van to the local area so give us a try.