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Just Because You're Special - Bless a Loved One with Flowers

Practical and functional gifts are often very welcome, but there are times when you simply want to say to someone ‘you’re special’.

Flowers are almost universally loved, and are a time-honoured but ever-popular way to show a loved one how much you really care.

Giving flowers never fails to provide an unexpected boost to the recipient, and is the perfect way to show them they are truly loved and blessed.

Here are a few ways to make sure your floral gift speaks from your heart.

Say I love you with GerberasSay I love with our “Just Gerberas” arrangement

Personalise the blooms

There’s a huge choice of flowers throughout the calendar year so there’s no need to just stick with the first blooms that you see.

When you want to show someone that they’re special, consider the types of flowers that might make them really light up with joy. Do they have a favourite type, or perhaps a colour that they love? Customise the bloom to include the flowers that will mean so much more to them.

There’s lots of different ways to make the flowers particularly special. Colours and favourite blooms are a great start, but think more creatively too. If it’s a romantic gesture, is there any place which is special to you both where a certain flower is seen?

Or how about a song? Iris is a hugely romantic song; all about how important the love of one special person is, with lines such as “I’d give up forever to touch you”. A bouquet with some irises won’t just be visually beautiful; it’s a very powerful sentiment too.

One of the most romantic floral songs is Daisy a Day by Jud Strunk. The lyrics need to be read in their entirety to be truly comprehended, but the chorus which declares “I'll give you a daisy a day, I’ll love you until the rivers run still and the four winds we know blow away” captures the essence of the song. With this in mind, what about a beautiful bunch of daisies?

Not just romance

Flowers are a wonderful way to keep the romance alive in any relationship, and are a simple yet incredibly effective gift which shows that you’re thinking of the other person even when you’re apart.

But because flowers are associated with romance, it doesn’t mean that they are solely the province of lovers.

Say I love you with RosesSay I love you with a luxury heart rose

Flowers can be used to show your mum just how much you appreciate her, or your best friend that you wouldn’t be without them. The great thing about flowers is that they convey the message you want, so whether it’s a romantic declaration or just a petal-themed virtual hug, it’s a great choice.

Of course, don’t forget that the types of blooms you pick will say a lot, so if it’s between friends, or to family members, you might want to veer away from gestures which are traditionally romantic, such as a dozen red roses. You can still give red roses - a popular flower for many! - But perhaps pick a different number of blooms, and ensure that the arrangement is created in a way which doesn’t suggest romance and ardour.

Don’t forget the guys!

Although it might be more customary for girls to be the lucky recipients, it’s a mistake to assume that guys don’t like to receive flowers too.

A bouquet of flowers is just as appropriate for a man as for a woman, and speaks the same volumes about just how special they are.

Of course, there are some differences and it’s important to think carefully about making more masculine choices. Pink flowers and frilly ribbons are less likely to be popular with male recipients, so think instead of rich, strong, darker colours which give off a more masculine vibe. Deep, wine reds, blues and greens all work particularly well, and featuring foliage also adds a manlier feel.


As gifts go, there are few which instantly convey just how special the recipient is. A way of showing just how much they mean to you, don’t wait until a special occasion. Every day with someone you care about is special; let them know exactly that with flowers.