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Giving Flowers for a New Baby is a Great Way to Celebrate the Birth

Flowers for a beautiful babyWhether it’s a close family member or a friend, the arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion and you will understandably want to celebrate the birth.

But knowing what gift to get, and what could be useful can be particularly tricky, especially if the birth is early or complicated.
Flowers offer the perfect solution; a thoughtful gift which everyone can appreciate. Here’s why giving flowers to celebrate the arrival of a new baby is a good idea.

Representing beauty and new life

Whilst flowers are quite simply a fragrant and pretty gift to give to someone, they also have some symbolic meanings.
The tiny buds and blooms on the stems are a representation of new life emerging, whilst the flowers represent the life that has blossomed into fruition.

Flowers don’t just make a gift that’s pretty; they are the perfect celebration as they offer a symbolic representation of the new life that’s just arrived.

Some TLC for the new mother

After the birth of the baby, there’s much attention on the new arrival and the chances are the little boy or girl will be deluged with gifts and presents.

Whether it’s clothing, blankets or cot toys, buying presents for the baby is a popular way to celebrate the birth.
Amongst all of the understandable treats, the mother has just endured what is likely to have been a tiring and painful experience. Flowers are a great way to not just celebrate the baby, but also recognise and acknowledge the stupendous achievement which has just been made.

No matter how the birth happens, bringing a new life into this world is a major experience to live through and will certainly change you forever. Giving the new mother some flowers is a simple yet effective way of saying ‘you did an amazing job’.

All can enjoy

Many of the gifts that will be given to celebrate the new arrival aren’t really for everyone to enjoy. In the vast majority of cases they will either be tucked into the cot, or put away for use at a later date. In many cases the huge array of gifts means that they won’t be used at all…

You can be sure that flowers will never suffer the same fate. Once in a vase, they are there for everyone to see and unlike other types of present; everyone can enjoy the beautiful scent and calming appearance of the gorgeous blooms.

Create a keepsake

You may love flowers but be reticent about providing them as a gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby because you would rather give the parents something more permanent they can keep.

Giving flowers as a gift can be a twofold experience; something everyone can enjoy right now and a permanent souvenir for the future.

A dried or pressed flower is very simple to create and won’t take lots of time or effort. Once the flowers have reached the end of their usable time as a decoration, the new mum - or dad! - can create a permanent souvenir very quickly and easily. Of course, if they are particularly craft-minded they could opt to make a picture or decoration from the pressed flowers, a really unique present that they will remember forever.


Everyone enjoys flowers, with their beautiful colours, shapes and sizes and their gentle fragrance. Of course, this latter feature will be another benefit when it comes to changing dirty nappies, helping to hide a less than pleasant pong! But this aside, giving flowers to celebrate a birth really is a thoughtful and wonderful gift. Flowers are something everyone can enjoy and the new mum can also feel a little bit pampered, in amongst all of the fuss and chaos too.

Image credits: Gabi_Menasche