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Dos and Donts When Selecting Funeral Flowers

For centuries flowers have played a significant role at funerals, used as a symbol of life and as a tribute to the deceased. Funeral flowers are usually selected by the family or close friends of the deceased and sent to the funeral home. These flowers are not addressed to a particular love one of the deceased but are instead used as a tribute to the deceased and a way of paying respect.

If you are currently in the process of selecting funeral flowers, see our do’s and don’ts below to help you choose the perfect flowers for your floral tribute.

Do – Incorporate the deceased’s favourite flowers into the floral tribute

Posie of flowers for a funeralA beautiful way to make the floral tribute to your loved one even more special is to incorporate their favourite flowers into its design. Even if they didn’t have a favourite flower, it is likely that they had a favourite colour, so you could choose flowers of that colour to include in the floral tribute instead.

Do – Choose colourful flowers that celebrate life

Many people think they have to choose white flowers or flowers with a sombre, pale colour for funerals. When it comes to choosing funeral flowers, the colours you feature are completely up to you. There are no right or wrong choices. If you want to choose bright, colourful flowers to celebrate the happiness and joy the deceased bought to life, then that is the perfect reason to do so.

Do – Consider the deceased’s religious beliefs and ethnicity when choosing funeral flowers

If the deceased was religious, it is important to consider their beliefs when choosing flowers for their funeral. Some religions and ethnic groups have specific mourning flowers, for example white flowers are customary at Buddhist funerals and yellow chrysanthemums are commonly found at Asian funerals.

It is also important to think about the shape of the floral tribute and what it symbolises. For some religions, it is not appropriate to design a funeral floral tribute in the shape of a cross or crucifix. Blooms can advise you on this.

Don’t – Order casket flowers unless you are a close family member

It is usually the deceased’s children, spouse or close family members that choose fresh flowers to place inside the casket. If you are not related to the deceased, it is best to send a floral tribute or sympathy flowers instead.

Don’t – Worry too much about the meaning behind certain flowers

Wreath for a funeral by Blooms FloristsAlthough there are meanings associated behind different types of flowers, today most people tend to pick them on their beauty or personal taste, rather than what they supposedly stand for.

Don’t – Worry about your budget being too small

It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget it, Blooms will be able to create a fitting floral tribute for the funeral you are planning. It is also perfectly acceptable to ask other close relatives and friends to contribute towards the cost.


Thankfully choosing funeral flowers is not something you will have to do very often, but the do’s and don’ts outlined in this article should give you an idea of where to begin if you are in the process of planning the funeral of a loved one. We understand that planning a funeral can be very difficult and are here to provide further support and guidance in choosing the perfect floral tribute, should you need a little extra help.