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Planning a summer wedding? Then plan your wedding flowers NOW!

Wedding flowersSummer is the perfect time for a wedding, with the promise of balmy warm evenings and cloudless blue skies.

There's also an abundance of flowers with lots of different blooms available, which are also less expensive because of their seasonal availability.

Summer weddings are known for being full of flowers, but don't leave it too late to plan the day of your dreams.

Give flowers for Easter – here are some inspirational ideas

Easter may be associated with the munching of scrummy chocolate eggs, but it's also a celebration of spring, as well as a religious festival for those in the Christian faith.

Flowers are often associated with new life and rebirth, which makes them the perfect gift for Easter, whether you're celebrating the religious festival or the arrival of springtime.

Everyone loves to receive flowers, whatever the occasion, so here are some ideas about the blooms you might want to give for Easter.

Perfect Flower Combination Options for a Red and White Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet can convey many things, sympathy, congratulations, apologies or love, and very often the colour of the flowers can help to get the message across.

Red is traditionally the colour most associated with love and a bouquet made from red flowers is typically created for romantic purposes.

Essential Tips for Arranging Floral Bouquets

A bouquet of flowers is guaranteed to brighten up any room, injecting not just a splash of colour but a wonderful evocative fragrance too.

However, if you’ve ever tried to arrange a bunch of flowers yourself, you’ll know that creating a beautiful bouquet is harder than it looks.

Therefore, to help you create a fabulous floral bouquet, here are a few essential tips.

The Value of Flowers at a Corporate Event

The Value of Flowers at a Corporate Event

Brighten up a Depressing January Day with Wonderful Flowers

The holiday season is the happiest time of the year for most people but immediately after it we have to face January – arguably the most depressing month of the year.

Say it With Flowers this Christmas

Think of flowers and the chances are you’ll conjure up summery images of scented blooms, and summer meadows filled with the sweet smell of petals.

However, flowers can look truly magnificent in the winter months, brightening up a cold winter’s day and adding a real opulence in the festive period.

So when Christmas rolls around, don’t stick with just mistletoe, say it with flowers too. Here’s how…

Just Because You're Special - Bless a Loved One with Flowers

Practical and functional gifts are often very welcome, but there are times when you simply want to say to someone ‘you’re special’.

Flowers are almost universally loved, and are a time-honoured but ever-popular way to show a loved one how much you really care.

Giving flowers never fails to provide an unexpected boost to the recipient, and is the perfect way to show them they are truly loved and blessed.

Here are a few ways to make sure your floral gift speaks from your heart.


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